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Avatar sound track

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Musica Avatar sound track

Mensaje por Mariachi Loco el Vie Ene 22, 2010 5:26 pm


01. "You don't dream in cryo..." (6:09)

02. Jakes enters his Avatar world (5:24)

03. Pure spirits of the forest (8:49)

04. The bioluminescence of the night (3:37)

05. Becoming one of "The People", becoming one with Neytiri (7:43)

06. Climbing up Iknimaya - The path to heaven (3:18)

07. Jake's first flight (4:49)

08. Scorched earth (3:32)

09. Quaritch (5:01)

10. The destruction of Hometree (6:47)

11. Shutting down Grace's lab (2:47)

12. Gathering all the Na'vi clans for battle (5:14)

13. War (11:21)

14. I see you (theme from Avatar) (4:20) JH_ratavA_2009_OST_FLAC_7magic.part1.rar JH_ratavA_2009_OST_FLAC_7magic.part2.rar JH_ratavA_2009_OST_FLAC_7magic.part3.rar JH_ratavA_2009_OST_FLAC_7magic.part4.rar

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